Bubble machine

Bubble machine


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A fun pony that can produce 3000+ bubbles in a minute will bring a lot of fun into children’s life. Colourful bubbles can promote the development of children’s imagination and creativity. With the pushing of the pony, its wings will swing up and down and attract children’s attention. 😍❤️

Produces sound and light effects for bigger fun with bubbles. Colored bubbles come out in 2 different sizes, and can be made at home, in the park, backyard, playground, and lawn.🎊

The pony is designed as a mower, and it is very fun for kids of all ages. It also serves as walking support for small boys and girls. 😊

The bubble machine is made of high-quality, durable, and non-toxic ABS plastic. The bubble fluid is placed at the bottom so the kids cannot take it out. 🤩