Vehicle siren with microphone

Vehicle siren with microphone


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Make your vehicle special with this powerful siren! Prepare for any emergency or use your vehicle for promotion with an included microphone that produces loud and clear sound.The siren can be installed in car, caravan, boat, truck, bus or other vehicle with 12V. 🚌 πŸš›

It has 7 types of sounds, including siren, alarm sound, fire alarm and loudness of 115 Db. πŸ”Š 🚨The set comes with mounting brackets and it`s easy installed to any 12V power source. πŸš” πŸ“£

Siren for vehicle provides you with different sounds: a traditional horn, a fire alarm, an ambulance, a police siren, a distinct traffic sound, and the loudness of 155 Db.Β  The siren that can be heard for kilometers away, loudly and clearly!